Know Language

Few Languages before Yatra


  • Morning: Ngadho
  • Noon: Nying kong
  • Afternoon: Tchédho
  • Day: Nying kar
  • Night: Tsenmo
  • Yesterday: Kasang
  • Today: Tiring
  • Tomorrow: Sanyié
  • One year: Lo tchik
  • One month: Dawa tchik
  • One week: Zakor Tchik
  • One day: Nyima tchik
  • One hour: Tchetso tchik
  • One minute: Karma tchik

in Tibetan

  • Who is this ? Su ré
  • Yes Ré / Lasso
  • No Ma ré
  • It’s ok Ndug’ré
  • it’s not ok Ndug maré
  • It’s good Yakpo ndug
  • Thank you Tuteche
  • How are you? Kousou demo
  • Come in Yar Pep
  • Please sit down Jug rog nang
  • Goodbye (to someone leaving) Kalé pep
  • Sorry Gong Da
  • Welcome Pep su cheu
  • What is your name? Che ming karé
  • My name is… Ngai ming la…
  • Where do you come from? Kawa ni pep pa
  • Where are you going? Kawa pep ka

Directions and transport

  • To the right: Yi tchok
  • To the left: Yön Tchok
  • Straight: Ka thé
  • Next to: Dam la
  • Around: Tha khor
  • Inside: Nang log
  • Outside: Tché log
  • In front of: Dun la
  • Above: Gang la
  • Down: Og la
  • The car: Mota (also: Lang kor)
  • The plane: Nam dhu
  • The train: Mi Khor
  • The bike: Khang Khor (also : Tchag tha)
  • The motorbike: Pakba
  • Fast! Djiokpo
  • Tibet: titles and name
    • I, me: Nga
    • You: Tché
    • He, him: Khorang
    • We, our: Ngatso
    • You, your (plural): Tchétso
    • They, them: Khorangtso
    • Boy: Pu
    • Girl: Pumo
    • Father, Dad: Phala
    • Mother, Mom: Mala

Go shopping in Tibet

  • Buy: Nyo
  • Sell: Tsong
  • Price: Rin gong
  • Expensive: Gong chenpo
  • Good price: Gong khipo
  • Money: Ngul (et aussi : Gormo)
  • I buy: Ngai nyo gu yin
  • I don’t buy: Ngai nyo gu min


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